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At Clarity Cash Flow, we believe that simple and accurate cash management systems are the foundation for every business in Nashville, small or large.

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Specialty Food Distributor

The owner-operator had no cash flow visibility past one (1) week and was deep in high-interest debt.

Via the implementation of a cash flow forecasting systems:

  • $1M in old Accounts Payable paid back
  • Reduced interest expenses by $100,000
  • Negotiated better Line of Credit terms with the SBA

Flooring Installer

This owner was doing great work and staying busy, but could not figure out why he wasn’t making money.

After reviewing their profit and loss per job, the business owner:

  • Developed a custom job pricing calculator to improve bid profit margin
  • Identify the types of jobs that were more profitable
  • Saw 2020 profits improve by 93%

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