A Beginner’s Guide to Cash Flow Templates

Whether it be for a pitch deck, a request from an investor, or you just need to know if you can make payroll this week, we’ve got you covered for all the cash flow templates you need.

Step 1: Know where you’ve been so you can plan where you’re going
Step 2: Figure out your sales goal to breakeven 
Step 3: Plan inventory purchases 
Step 4: Put it all together with a 13-week cash flow forecast 
Step 5: Make sure you can make payroll each week

Step 1: Know Where You’ve Been

 ACCESS MY COPY of the “13 Week Cash Flow Template: Historical Cash Flow” template.

Step 2: Figure Out Cash Flow Breakeven

ACCESS MY COPY of the “Breakeven Cash Flow Calculator to Identify Monthly Sales Goal” template. 

Step 3: Plan Inventory Purchases

ACCESS MY COPY of the “13-Week Forecast: Inventory Purchase Planning” template. 

Step 4: Put the Cash Flow Templates All Together

ACCESS MY COPY of the “13 Week Cash Flow Template” template.

Step 5: Don’t Miss Payroll

ACCESS MY COPY of the “7 Day Forecast: The “Can I Make Payroll” Calculator” template.

Click the “ACCESS MY COPY” for the cash flow templates.

Once you click the link, it will open up a Google Sheet.

You can choose to make a copy of the Google Sheet or download and open in Excel. 

“Ideas are great, but it’s the execution that matters.”

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