Track Crypto Profit Calculator

In case you didn’t know, the Bitcoin ETF is approved and soon you’ll need a crypto profit calculator. 

Imagine all the large, institutional investors that are going to start adding Bitcoin to their portfolio. They’ll starting with “small” amounts of crypto to get exposure to this volatile market.

You might not have any exposure to crypto today, but someday you might. When that day comes, you will need a way to help track returns effortlessly. 

This easy-to-use template was made for the retail crypto investor. It offers a clear view of your crypto holdings, returns, and hopefully – profits.

Don’t let fear keep you from dipping your toes in the proverbial crypto waters.

To get your own copy, click “ACCESS MY COPY”.

Once you click the link, it will open up a Google Sheet.

You can choose to make a copy of the Google Sheet or download and open in Excel. 

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